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NOTE: Any portable Reflexion filter that Reflex a sound wave is not good for Recording top vocals or VO! were do you think that sound wave will go! bouncing around the room MUSIC4LESS Thank you for stopping by our ad: FOR MORE INFO GO TO WWW.VOICECUBE.NET - #1 PORTABLE VOCAL BOOTH ON THE MARKET TODAY GREAT FOR VOCAL TRACKS OR VOICE OVERS WORK MAKE YOU MICROPHONE WORK AT IT BEST ADD A CUBE to your studio HTTP:WWW.VOICECUBE.NETWe AT MUSIC4LESS sell top name brand name brand recording software. you will be purchasing a legal digital copies. (Down-loadable only) - with full customer support Full factory warranty.FOR MORE TITALS GO TO: http:www.music4less.net4lesssite_map_digital_software.htm Check out my other items! Be sure to add me to your favorites list! THE VOICECUBE one-TAKE TM Mic stand ready Voicecube TM Patent Issued - The Portable Vocal BoothRECORD LIKE A PRO STOP DELAY!, ORDER TODAY! - Handcrafted and molding to perfection!HI eBay shoppers and welcome: All the voicecube product line is tested in a pro leave situation - that means the voicecube are designed and tested vigorously to work in a pro leave recording situation. if you do not have a degree in acoustics and you do not understand how to control a sound wave properly, making it clean, bright and most important is to keep your tonality. by not doing this correctly will only harm your chances at becoming a professional singer, voice over artist or doing professional audio recordings. The high quality audio recording is what you need and want, theres no second to none in the audio business. You do it right or you do it over The VoiceCube(tm) is the epitome of a perfect sound. It is ideal for professional vocalists, voice over artists, music producers, song writers, sound and audio engineers, Radio, Internet radio, Ipod show anybody who looking for and needs a professional quality recorded sounds. The VoiceCube(tm) also works perfectly in recording acoustic guitars, electric amps, horns, string and any soundvoice data you can think of! with the Voicecube all your hard works is done for you 100%, No More trying to find a great portable vocal booth that really works. As an artist you have enough to worry about already, use our 35 years of experience to make your voice recording sound just like you walked out of a professional recoding studio. Now you can focus on what really matters, your craft. Why spend countless hours, trying, hoping and spending your money only to get unsatisfactory results at the end. Another fine product brought to you by www.voicecube.netCheaper from my website THE VOICECUBE one-TAKE (TM) Portable Vocal Booth eliminates unwanted noise, reflections, and flutters inside and out of the box, ensuring a top quality voice and recording output. Its perfect for voice overs, sporting events, hot vocal tracks, home recordings, and other sound uses. VoiceCube (TM) is recommended by music producers, singers, song writers, voice talents, musicians, movie sound men, and audio engineers alike. Description: THE VOICECUBE one-TAKE (TM) THE VOICECUBE one-TAKE anti-reflection panel is designed to improve the performance of any microphone when used in an acoustically compromised environment. When room reflections exist in the recording environment they can adversely affect the quality of your recording. Unwanted effects such as frequency colorations, “muddy” vocals, and time delay anomalies can occur in non-acoustically treated environments. The anti- reflection panel works to reduce or eliminate these effects in non-acoustically treated environments at a fraction of the cost of acoustically treating a room, and can provide additional isolation when needed in acoustically treated environments as well. To better understand how sound works in a room we first need to understand what makes a room sound “live” or “dead”. A room is called a “live” room when it has a bright sound, one that accentuates the audible frequency ranges of the voice or instruments. A bright sounding room can also have a reverberation or “echo” as well. This brightness and reverberation is caused by reflections from hard surfaces in the room such as glass windows, wood paneling, wall board, and tile or other hard flooring materials. Since most rooms have walls, floors and ceilings that are parallel surfaces to each other, these reflections bounce around the room between hard surfaces accentuating different frequencies and creating natural reverberation. These reflections can arrive at the microphone at different time intervals which will affect the intelligibility of the spoken word and can also change the sound of instruments. A “dead” room of course is the opposite of a “live” room; it is a room with more sound absorption than reflection. Rooms with lots of soft surfaces such as deep shag carpet, soft furniture, soft wall materials or theatrical drapery, even lots of clothes in a well packed closet will absorb sound at different frequencies and in extreme cases can sound very unnatural. In these kinds of rooms there seems to be a lack of high frequencies, but actually mid and low frequencies can also be absorbed depending upon the size of the room and the extent of the soft or absorptive materials. An additional effect of extreme sound absorption is the lack of perception of boundaries due to our ears natural tendency to perceive slight differences in time arrival as evidence of a wall or room boundary. Ideally the goal is to have a good balance of absorption, reflection, and non-parallel surfaces in your room to make the best recordings, which is often not possible to achieve without drastic changes in room construction. This is why an Anti-Reflection Panel is such a good tool; it will help significantly reduce the effects of an acoustically unbalanced room by isolating the microphone from the effects of room reflection and absorption problems. Microphones are designed with specific pick-up patterns, but they all fall into essentially two types, directional and omni-directional. Directional microphones have a defined pattern field, some are cardioid shaped rejecting sound from behind , some are “figure 8” shaped rejecting sound from the sides to benefit the front and rear pick-up pattern and there are others that are variations of these shapes, while omni- directional microphones as the name implies are designed to pick-up sounds from all directions at the same time. Directional microphones are useful in that they can naturally reject sounds from the rear or the sides which can be useful for live sound applications and for specific recording situations, while omni-directional microphones usually have a more open and true sound in both instrument and live recordings, but also are very sensitive to other sounds (such as other instruments) that may make them more difficult to use in some situations. The choice of what kind and type of microphone to use is based on both artistic and specific applications and will not be discussed here, but we will show that the ARP device can be used for either type of microphone in many different applications. Musical instruments are subject to the same room acoustic anomalies as the voice, but often due to proximity of sound sources such as drum kits or in sheer volume as with a guitar amplifier there can be more extreme acoustical reflections at play; along with extreme levels of sound leakage, especially with multiple microphones in a live recording. Your mic needs to be in a sound booth, but you dont have to be.THIS IS WHAT YOU GET IN YOUR ORDER : Includes: THE VOICECUBE one-TAKE (TM)Includes: Universal clamp with a 13 gooseneck. Dimension: 12 x 12 X 2 THICK MADE OUT OF high quality acoustic foam 117 fire ACOUSTIC FOAM 2LB fire retardant California approved.NOTE: the one-TAKE can expand out for more room or contracted in for a tighter sound wave.come in charcoal or purple. we make it out of what ever color in in stock at the time you place your order. NOT INCLUDED: Monitor, Mic stand, Pop filter, microphone. We sell accessories Monitor, Mic stand, Pop filter, microphone anything you need. NOTE: Customers are fully responsible for making sure their microphone fits the Voicecube prior to the purchasing. No exceptions It takes a higher NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) to make a world of difference in your recordings and microphone isolation is the answer to that! GREAT PRODUCT FOR A GREAT PRICE!! NEED ACCESSORIES I CAN GET THEM *** Full factory warranty! *** I can offer you, NO Payments + No Interest if paid off in 6 months on purchases of $99. + Buy now and pay later with PayPal Credit ! Our Guarantee from music4less:We stands behind our products we sell 100%, satisfaction is our mission.Music4less Guarantee all our product our new, back by workmanship and come with a complete factorory warranty. We at music4less guarantee that your order will be delivered to your door without damage or imperfections. If its not 100% intact in any way we will replace your order with a new one at no cost to you. that our Guarantee!

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