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MUSIC4LESS Thank you for stopping by our ad: GREAT FOR VOCAL TRACKS OR VOICE OVERS WORK MAKE YOU MICROPHONE WORK AT IT BEST ADD A CUBE to your studio EBAY BUYER YOU NEED TO ASK YOURSELF YOU WONT A PRODUCT THAT REALLY WORK AND DOES WHAT YOU WONT IT TO DO? REMEMBER THAT OLD SAYING - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ! THAT HAS NEVER CHANGED ! THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX TM Desktop onlyVoicecube TM Patent Issued - The Portable Vocal BoothRECORD LIKE A PRO STOP DELAY!, ORDER TODAY! - Handcrafted and molding to perfection!HI eBay shoppers and welcome: All the voicecube product line is tested in a pro leave situation - that means the voicecube are designed and tested vigorously to work in a pro leave recording situation. if you do not have a degree in acoustics and you do not understand how to control a sound wave properly, making it clean, bright and most important is to keep your tonality. by not doing this correctly will only harm your chances at becoming a professional singer, voice over artist or doing professional audio recordings. The high quality audio recording is what you need and want, theres no second to none in the audio business. You do it right or you do it over The VoiceCube(tm) is the epitome of a perfect sound. It is ideal for professional vocalists, voice over artists, music producers, song writers, sound and audio engineers, Radio, Internet radio, Ipod show anybody who looking for and needs a professional quality recorded sounds. The VoiceCube(tm) also works perfectly in recording acoustic guitars, electric amps, horns, string and any soundvoice data you can think of! with the Voicecube all your hard works is done for you 100%, No More trying to find a great portable vocal booth that really works. As an artist you have enough to worry about already, use our 35 years of experience to make your voice recording sound just like you walked out of a professional recoding studio. Now you can focus on what really matters, your craft. Why spend countless hours, trying, hoping and spending your money only to get unsatisfactory results at the end. Another fine product brought to you by thevoicecube The top of the line portable vocal booth thats lightweight and inexpensive, providing you excellent sound quality recording is now packed in the VoiceCube (tm) ! Its excellent for recording voice overs and hot vocal tracks. Made in the USA by a sound engineer, whose expertise is backed by over 35 years of experience.THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) Portable Vocal Booth eliminates unwanted noise, reflections, and flutters inside and out of the box, ensuring a top quality voice and recording output. Its perfect for voice overs, sporting events, hot vocal tracks, home recordings, and other sound uses. VoiceCube (TM) is recommended by music producers, singers, song writers, voice talents, musicians, movie sound men, and audio engineers alike. Description: THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) Customers must ensure their microphone fits well into THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) prior to purchasing one). Inside and outside THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) is well over $50 worth of acoustic foam product.THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) includes a two-inch thick wedge at the bottom for total table isolation, preventing vibrations caused by sound, paper shuffling, or any thumps and bumps that may be transmitted into your recording. Its outer part is wrapped in five 1-inch pyramidwedge foam for total room isolation.THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) Is made with high quality 2lb density acoustic foam to ensure more noise control. Its inner side walls are wrapped in a one-inch acoustic wedge foam; while the inner back wall is covered by a two-inch acoustic wedge foam for total microphone isolation.By using THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM)voice reflections will now be a thing in the past.While professional studios are costly and not always available, VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) is always reliable any time you need it.THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) Is an excellent portable vocal booth, very light weight ! GREAT PRODUCT.THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) dimension 11 x 11COLORS: COME IN RED, CHARCOAL OR PURPLE WHAT WHATEVER COLORS IN STOCK AT THE TIME YOU ORDER. Your mic needs to be in a sound booth, but you dont have to be. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET IN YOUR ORDER : INCLUDED: THE VOICECUBE LUNCH BOX (TM) NOT INCLUDED: IN THE ORDER: Monitor, Pop filter, microphone. 4 mic stand with quick release button kit. (look at pictures) We sell accessories Monitor, Mic stand, Pop filter, microphone anything you need. NOTE: Customers are fully responsible for making sure their microphone fits the Voicecube prior to the purchasing. No exceptions It takes a higher NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) to make a world of difference in your recordings and microphone isolation is the answer to that! GREAT PRODUCT FOR A GREAT PRICE!! NEED ACCESSORIES I CAN GET THEM *** Full factory warranty! *** I can offer you, NO Payments + No Interest if paid off in 6 months on purchases of $99. + Buy now and pay later with PayPal Credit ! Our Guarantee from music4less:We stands behind our products we sell 100%, satisfaction is our mission.Music4less Guarantee all our product our new, back by workmanship and come with a complete factorory warranty. We at music4less guarantee that your order will be delivered to your door without damage or imperfections. If its not 100% intact in any way we will replace your order with a new one at no cost to you. that our Guarantee!

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