#1 Pro Portable Vocal Booth - Acoustic Tonality Control For Pro Audio Recording

$ 400

The VoiceCube - Extreme Another fine product brought to you by All the voicecube product line is test in a pro leave situation - that means the voicecube are designed and tested vigorously to work in a pro leave recording situation. if you do not have a degree in acoustics and you do not understand how to control a sound wave properly, making it clean bright and most important is to keep your tonality. by not doing this correctly will only harm your chances at becoming a professional singer, voice over artist or doing professional audio recordings. The high quality audio recording is what you need and want, theres no second to none in the audio business. you do it right or you do it over THIS ITEM IS VERY HOT , SELLING LIKE HOT CAKES ! ORDER YOUR NOW! UPDATE: - NOW THE VOICECUBE Extreme COME WITH: 1. ) 3” Media port. (not showing in all photos)2. ) Qty # 1- 3” foam adapter plug with a 34 hole and plug.3. ) Qty # 1- 34 hole and plug. Another fine product of VoiceCube: COMBO PACK EVERYTHING YOU SEE IN THE PICTURES Made of open cell polyester acoustic foam and rigid plastic light weight and very easy to set up, The VoiceCube - Extreme (tm) is designed to trap and absorb large sound energy. It is ideal for use in rehearsal space, radio stations, recording studios, and home studios. It also works great for voice over work and hot vocal track. Description: Ideal to use in very large room with above average reverberation to ensure maximum noise control.The VoiceCube - Extreme (tm) is a Portable Vocal Booth.The VoiceCube - Extreme (tm) mounts on top of (#3) three telescope mic stand. It’s ready to use straight from the box. No hardware is required. Qty #1 - Voicecube - Extreme wrap 24 x 48 x 4 thick. with 3” Media port & foam plug Qty #1 - Voicecube - Extreme Roof. Qty #3 - Mic stand Included. Qty #1 - #EC2 mic stand attachment Included. Qty #1 - Mic Screw Adapter Included. Qty #1 - 3” Media port. (not showing in all photos) Included.Qty #1 - # 1- 3” foam adapter plug with a 34 hole and plug. Qty #1 - # 1- 34 hole and plug.Qty #0 - Microphone & pop filter - not included in this deal.Qty #0 - NOT INCLUDED : Microphone Stand Bag. Each unit is equipped with five (5) precisely cut holes on the side, making set up as easy as 1, 2, 3. The VoiceCube - Extreme (tm) wraps around you in a 12 circle, this will help reduce the over all reverberation problem in your room and around your mic for maximum sound control. That what you need and wont in any home studio to record high quality vocal tracks or voice overs. *** My product are cheaper from my website!*** We accept all forms of payment, no paypal.com account required to use a debit cards or credit cards We accept : Paypal, Paypal credit, debit cards, Credit cards - VISA , MASTER CARD, DISCOVER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS. I can offer you, NO Payments + No Interest if paid off in 6 months on purchases of $99. + Buy now and pay later with PayPal Credit! Our Guarantee from music4less:We stands behind our products we sell 100%, satisfaction is our mission. Music4less Guarantee all our product our new, back by workmanship and come with a complete factory warranty. We at music4less guarantee that your order will be delivered to your door without damage or imperfections. If its not 100% intact in any way we will replace your order with a new one at no cost to you. that our Guarantee!

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