12 Pk-acoustic Studio Soundproofing Egg Crate Foam Wall Tiles 2.5 X 12 X 12

$ 19

2 12 x 12 x 12 Eggcrate Foam Sheets Pack of 12 Sheets Finish off your 2-3 acoustically treated walls for an ultra clean look and added sound absorptionThe thickness is 2.5 with eggcrate-style to solidly prevent most acoustic problem like clap echo and low bass response.Eliminates Standing Waves And Flutter Echoes ; Reduces Unwanted Reflections; Reduces Unwanted Reflections This product is best for when absolute sound deadening is not required, but moderate deadening is desired. 2.5 Convoluted Foam is most effective on mid-to-high frequency ranges. These Wall Panels provides strong noise reduction, Good for studios, recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms. acoustical foam is a cost-effective. Our foam can be aligned perfectly with the next piece to provide professional installation. Use: Perfect for use on corner walls, corner ceilings, etc. Anywhere to help block sound and prevent echoes inside the room. Best When You Cover The Corner From Top to Bottom, with this Product. Use: Perfect for use on walls, ceilings, doors, windows etc. Anywhere to help block sound and prevent echoes inside the room. Color: Charcoal Very Good Quality High NRC !! Product Care: Occasional Vacuuming of Dust. (6 Sets wedges = 12 Tiles)(12 Sets Wedges = 24 Tiles)(18 Sets Wedges = 36 Tiles) (24 Sets Wedges = 48 Tiles)

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