96 Pack Acoustic Wedge Studio Soundproofing Foam Wall Tiles 12 X 12 X 1

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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!!!!We ship ONLY within the contiguous U.S. Pack of 96 Tile Sheets (Charcoal color)12 x 12 x 1 Wedge Foam Tile SheetsPack of 96 tiles covers 96 square feetEach Tile is 1 foot by 1 foot in length AND 1 inch thick For use in studios, vocal booths, media rooms, theater rooms, and any other room where you would like to control your sound. The Overall Noise Reduction Coefficient, or NRC rating is 0.40 for this Acoustic Foam. Studio or Acoustic Foam, aka acoustic foam, studio foam, soundproofing foam, soundproof foam, recording foam, or sound control foam is great for use in recording studios, media rooms, theater rooms, vocal booths, or control rooms, or any other rooms that you need to sue it to control sounds. Other foams that have NOT had their acoustic foams professionally tested will NOT be able to give you an accurate tips of number for the Noise Reduction Coefficient Rating (NRC). Our Foam is professional grade and it is used for acoustical solutions where noise control or noise reduction is desired. Acoustical foams effectiveness is measured by its Noise Reduction Coefficient, or NRC Rating. The NRC of a material can be found by using either the Reverberation Room Method (ASTM C423) or the ImpedanceTube Method (ASTM C384). We use the Reverbertion Room Method. Approximately 72 Square Feet of material is rested on the floor of a reverberation chamber. This chamber usually has all hard concrete surfaces. The change in absorption from the room without material compared to the room with material is measured.The changes in the sound are measured for octave bands ranging from 125Hz to 4000Hz, recording the differences in Sabin absorption coefficients. The Overall NRC rating is the calculated average of frequencies 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, and 2000Hz, which is then rounded to the nearest multiple of 0.05 -- The foam in the pictures might look a different color because of different lighting colors used in your homebusiness. Also the color might look a little different because of the different color settings on your computer monitor or phone screen. BUT the pictures of the foam look almost exactly the same as the foam looks like in person. Return Policy:There is a 14 day window to return if the item is not as described OR if the item is damaged before you received it. 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false There is a 15% Restocking Fee AND Buyer will pay for shipping back to Seller. Buyer MUST CONTACT Seller before returning or shipping back to the Seller for the Seller to Accept the return, Otherwise the return will not be accepted. We vacuum pack the foam to reduce on shipping cost. You will have to give the foam 1-2 days to come back to its original shape. It will look a little misshaped and not measure to correct size until after you let it expand back out. Please be VERY careful when opening the package and do NOT use ANY sharp objects, like a knife or razor blade. Using something of that sort will tear the foam when you open the package. There are many musicians who have trouble trying to control the sound in their studio while recording or while just playing and rehearsing their music. The 1 inch thick wedge studio foam is a great match to help control sound whether in a studio or in a media room. It is also has a great artistic and professional look that will leave lasting impressions.

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