96 Pack Acoustic Wedge Studio Soundproofing Foam Wall Tiles 12 X 12 X 1 Usa

$ 90

Pack of 96 Acoustic Wedge Panels 1 inch thickYou Will Receive 96 single Tiles ( AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE ) Description: Wedges are shipped in tiles wherein 1 TILE = 2 WEDGES (put together). (Ex. You ordered 24 pack; you will receive 12 tiles) Multiple orders may either be shipped in separate packages, or combined, depending on the quantity.Size: 1 x 12 x 12 ; Noise Reduction: 80-90%; Color: CharcoalEliminates Standing Waves And Flutter Echoes ; Reduces Unwanted Reflections; Reduces Unwanted Reflections Technical Bulletin California 117-2013 Flammability Standard Compliant Very Good Quality High NRCGood for studios, recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms. 1 inch wedge foam provides moderate sound control on walls or ceilings. This product provides strong noise reduction , where moderate deadening is desired. 2 inch wedge foam is most effective on mid-to-high frequency ranges. Our foam can be aligned perfectly with the next piece to provide professional installation. ACOUSTIC FOAM (polyurethane foam) to remove reverberation and sound reflections, provide sound insulation industrial and domestic applications suitable for sound studios. Unlike polyurethane foam, fiberglass and rock wool have health risks. The use of glass wool and rock wool require the use of protective gloves to prevent skin problems. ::: This product can be used as acoustic cover for walls, ceilings and doors and other various places such as theaters or movie theaters, recording studios, and other busy and crowded places such as gyms, subways, stations, offices, schools, and other areas. This product is great for voice and video recording, especially for Youtube. MYBECCA ACOUSTIC FOAMS (wedges, eggcrates, pyramids) are effective sound deadener for standing waves and flutter echoes, especially when used with ACOUSTIC CORNER BASS TRAPS. It also reduces slap-back and room ring when used in medium-sized areas like isolation booths, recording booths, control rooms, and sound studios.:: With its straight-cut sides, these Acoustic Foams can easily be arranged side by side on a flat surface area (walls). ::: FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES, wedges, egg crates and pyramids can also be arranged side-by-side with the acoustic bass traps, corner bass traps tri amp and other bass acoustic foam. Use: Perfect for use on walls, ceilings, doors, windows etc. Anywhere to help block sound and prevent echoes inside the room. Color: Charcoal CAL 117 Compliant Very Good Quality High NRC !! Product Care: Occasional Vacuuming of Dust. Professionally Apply Your Studio Foam We Suggest to Purchase our Spray Foam Glue eBay Listing Professional Use Foam & Fabric Spray Adhesive Glue Can 12 oz Item # 151476767649 12 Ounce CanWide Web Spray PatternEasy to use and work withTemporary or Permanent BondsDoes Not Contain Chlorinated solvents or Ozone Depleters Due to shipping difficulties, we are unable to ship to the following areas: American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Guam, North Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and other US Minor Outlying Islands FEEDBACK POLICYOnce you have received your item and are pleased, please leave us a positive feedback and we will do the same for you! We use an automated system so that no one is skipped. If you are not happy for any reason at all, please contact us prior to leaving feedback so that we can fix any issue you may have!

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