Large Microphone Screen Isolator Reflexion Filter Shield Portable Vocal Booth

$ 56

LARGE Microphone ScreenReflection FilterShieldPortable Isolator Vocal Booth for 58 mic stands. Handmade for those looking for a cheap solution for home studios. We have received some really great feedback from those who bought this shield as well as from people who own professional studios and other equipment maniacs who like to own different types of stuff for different recording situations. The conclusion is that the 7cm (3 inch) pyramid foam gives you a much better absorption and dries your vocals better than the classic cheap 4cm or 3cm foams. The main advantage of a pyramid type of foam used in a vocal reflection filter is that it has much more curves and angles than a plain foam used in most of the filters. Imagine the sound waves coming out your mouth, they hit the foam and in reality only 20% of them are really being absorbed by the foam with 80% of it is being bounced back. 80% bounces back to the the wall behind you and is being reflected back to the microphone which is why most of the people are not happy with standard reflection filters, because the result they bring is not worth 100-300$ (the price of standard screens). In the case of pyramid foam the sound waves gets reflected from one pyramid to another making them completely absorbed by the foam. So the taller the pyramid the better the result. As previously mentioned we use 7cm (3 inches) thick foam which brings the best result in the business, and it is the of course the most expensive. Now if u look at any top notch studio, what do you see on the walls? Thats right, pyramid foam. So right here we bring you the best quality vs price solution for your home or professional studio. Our reflection screen tightens and dries your vocals or instrument, removes the reverb and echoes, absorbs the annoying frequencies that usually stand out in a home recording leaving just natural sound which is easy to be mixed and mastered further. As regards the metal construction, ours if made fully of aluminium which makes it super light, whether you mount it on a mic stand of a desktop stand, your stand wont even feel it and it will not wobble or move. The metal construction is made of AW1050 and AW6080 aluminium which is easily bendable, so if you wish to change the shape of the shield to make it more open or closed, feel free to bend it a bit and it will get the shape you need. The difference between this one and the standard ones is the weight (below 900grams comparing to the heavy 3-4 kg (8.5-9.5 LBS) standard screens) and of course the thickness and form of foam (7cm, 3in ) pyramid comparing to 3-5 cm of standard screens). Sizes:Height: 30cm (13 inches)Width: 55cm (22 inches)Depth: 30cm (13 inches)Weight: about 900 g Materials used:Profiles: 3mm thick 30mm wide Aluminium Flatbars AW6080Perforation: 1mm thick professionally perforated aluminium AW1050 sheetIsolation: 3inch (7cm) thick Auralex acoustics Studiofoam Pyramid Connection to the mic stand: 58 (16mm) hole. In case you have a 38 (10mm European type mic stand) let us know and we will make you a 38 hole, thats not a problem. Extra holes to control the distance of the mic towards the foam. Please see pictures. Short description: Handmade reflection filtermic screen made of a perforated aluminium sheet and a professional Auralex acoustic foam. When making it we didnt try to save the money on thinner and lighter materials and cheaper foams. The foam we use is one of the best acoustic foam on the market:Studiofoam Pyramid by Auralex is perfect to treat small to medium-sized areas including isolation booths, control rooms and sound studios. It will help effectively kill standing waves and flutter echoes and, can effectively tame the full frequency bandwidth in virtually any acoustic environment. Eliminates Standing Waves And Flutter EchoesReduces Unwanted ReflectionsDecreases Slap-Back And Room Ring P.S. MICROPHONE AND MICROPHONE HOLDER AND MICROPHONE STAND ARE NOT FOR SALE! Feedback From Buyer Datetime A++++++ as described o*********3 ( 449 ) 2016-10-20 22:26:54

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