Post Audio Arf-01 Reflection Filter & Portable Vocal Booth Studio Sound Anywhere

$ 179

Singers view. Looks like this from the side. The system also includes additional hardware to do this, the preferred method for live recordings. Folded for narrow field or storage Opened out for wide field. Heavy cast adjustable hardware. ARF-01 The ARF-01 is Post Audios Cadillac model with its unique swiveling barndoor design. The ARF-01 filter is configurable for narrower to wider filter patterns depending on the types of microphones used, the room itself and your own ears. It also includes additional hardware that allows for stereo recording or just mounting two mics side by side besides the usual studio condenser mic. The ARF-01 is a 5 layer filter which provides filtering in a wider frequency spectrum than the single layer filters. The first layer is the closed-cell acoustic foam you see as you look at the mic. Then there is an internal aluminum diffuser plate, an open air space, a layer of acoustical fiberglass and then another outer diffuser plate. The included hardware allows for several options for stereo and MS recording using a wide range of mic styles. *Includes the ARF-01 filter and all mounting hardware. The mic and heavy duty stand you see in these pictures are not included in this listing. Thanks, Ive been using this every day since I got it. Wish I had this ARF thing before I spent all that money on Auralex. It works better. Best money I ever spent for my studio. Didnt know how funky my room sounded until I used the Arf. Returns are never a problem at Passport Audio. Send anything back for any reason anytime in the first 2 weeks for a refund or replacement. If you ever need a replacement, well pay the shipping both ways. _gsrx_vers_586 (GS 6.8 (586))

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