Post Audio Arf-12 Reflection Filter & Portable Vocal Booth Great For Vo

$ 99

Post Audio ARF-12 Heavy Duty Reflection Filter The ARF-12 looks like a smaller version of Post Audios flagship ARF-01 but inside it includes three extra layers of acoustic treatment, including an additional layer of acoustic fiberglass and an additional internal aluminum diffuser. Its swivel mounting system makes it useable in more differtent configurations and at more angles than fixed mount reflection filters. One primary use for the ARF-12 filter is for studio vocals, but it is also the most popular system for Voice Over work because it fits in a smaller physical space than the larger ARF-36 or ARF-05. The ARF-12 is also commonly used in close-miking of instruments for both recording and live situations. You cant really use a filter like this for live vocals, because who wants to watch somebody singing behind a metal screen, but you sure can use it on amps and drums. Your soundman will be very, very happy and your live sound will tighten up like you wont believe. The ARF-12 is ruggedly built with machined cast steel hardware and a telescoping mic riser, which adapts to several different configurations, including mounting upside down as is common in studios (you may need to add a simple swivel mount depending on how you do this). The ARF-12 mounts on any standard mic or boom stand. *Includes the ARF-12 filter with the mounting hardware. The stand, mics and cables you can see in these pictures are not included. Im a VO guy and this has turned my little closet into a great sounding recording space. “I’m using the ARF-12 in front of my amp. Club owner finally shut up about my volume. Recommend. Returns are never a problem at Passport Audio. Send anything back for any reason anytime in the first 2 weeks for a refund or replacement. If you ever need a replacement, well pay the shipping both ways. _gsrx_vers_625 (GS 6.9.7 (625))

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