Post Audio Arf-27 V.3 Folding Portable Vocal Booth & Reflexion Filter Free Ship

$ 109

NEW ARF-27 V.3 Flex Model Studio sound anytime, anywhere The ARF-27 is the only vocal booth that can be folded and stored away17 wide X 12 high2 acoustic foam, non-woven damping layer and stainless steel diffuserNew double barrel hardware to mount the ARF-27 and your mic on any standard mic stand New locking swivel hingeComes with carrying bag Post Audios new ARF-27 V3.0 foldable vocal booth is only one inch smaller than their flagship ARF-32 but it folds up to just 4x12 and stores away in a carrying bag thats no bigger than a pair of shoes. The ARF-27s folding qualities also mean you can adapt it for special uses when you want to have a tighter field around the mic, such as isolating a mic in front of a guitar amp or on a drum kit. The ARF-27 uses the same 2 thick acoustic foam and aluminum diffusion surface as Post Audios super popular ARF-32. In addition, this new 3.0 version adds another layer of dense non-woven damping material between the foam and the diffuser, plus it folds up AND its cheaper. Whats not to like? What This Does Reflection filters serve to drastically reduce the reflections and standing waves that make up the soundof any room. Essentially, this is a way of treating the acoustic space right around your microphone instead of treating the entire room you are recording in. When recording music, whether your voice or an instrument, it is very desirable to record your tracks dry with as little of the room sound as possible. The reason is that the human brain has a remarkable ability to construct a mental model of any space with only the tiniest of clues. Think about it this way. If you heard a recording of a coin being dropped on the floor of a gymnasium, your brain would instantly tell you what the approximate size of the room is, how tall the ceiling is, whether the floor is wood or linoleum and if the coin is a quarter or a dime. In exactly the same way, your listeners can hear if your music was recorded in a garage or a bedroom. So we use the ARF-27 V3.0 portable vocal booth to remove the subtle clues that tell your listeners that youre singing in the kitchen and not in Carnegie Hall. Post Audio There are other reflection filters on the market. Some are inexpensive and not so good and some others are good but crazy expensive. Post Audio hits the sweet spot with filters that do their job very well, with professional quality and are still reasonably priced. Thats probably why Post Audio is the largest maker of reflection filters in the USA. *Includes the ARF-27 portable vocal booth and mounting system. The stand and mics you see in these photos are not included. This is amazing. I would love to pass the word on. How great you are.Very happy with my reflexion filter, good doing business with this seller awesome product Awesome product just got a chance today to use it! Happy I am! Easy transaction. Satisfied customer. Definitely recommend. ++++++ Damn, this thing cleaned up my sound right now. That was too easy. I bought it on it in my hands on Thursday! FAST! WORKS PERFECT! Like the product! Very affordable! Very Happy with it ;) Exceptional item! Great service & Speedy shipping! Nice piece of equipment. Well packaged! A+++The main thing I dont like about this is I didnt think of it. WOW!!! Totally awesome product at a great price!!! Really improved recording! A+ Returns are never a problem at Passport Audio. Send anything back for any reason anytime in the first 2 weeks for a refund or replacement. If you ever need a replacement, well pay the shipping both ways. _gsrx_vers_586 (GS 6.8 (586))

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