Se Electronics Space Reflexion Filter Portable Microphone Vocal Booth New

$ 299

Terms Return Policy Shipping Payment New sE Electronics Space Reflection Filter Portable Microphone Vocal Booth SPACE takes the Reflexion Filter to another dimension!sE Electronics SPACE takes the patented Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology that made the RF Pro a professional and project studio essential to create a product that is both bigger and better!While other manufacturers havent even come close to replicating the design and performance of the RF Pro, weve now set the bar even higher. SPACE or Specialised Portable Acoustic Control Environment, has a larger surface area, designed to offer incredible isolation in any room for professional vocal and instrument recordings. By surrounding more of the microphone, SPACE limits the amount of direct sound reaching walls and, ultimately, reflecting back towards the microphone.SPACEs design consists of an unprecedented 10 thick layers of sEs patented Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology, and the inclusion of seven new vertical bass pillars deepens the air gaps while adding randomisation of diffusion. SPACE also boasts new mounting hardware, providing a more robust clamp thats fully adjustable and lockable vertically and horizontally with the ability to tilt for instrument recording at any angle.SPACE consists of 10 layers of sEs patented Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology. The layers are:1. Seven Vertical Bass Trap Pillars2. Punched Aluminium Diffusor3. Acoustic Grade Wool Absorber4. Tensioned Aluminium Foil Membrane Diffusor5. Isolating Air Gap6. Tensioned Aluminium Foil Membrane Diffusor7. Acoustic Grade Wool Absorber8. Polycarbonate Diffusor9. Asymmetric Isolating Air Gaps10. Patented Polyester Acoustic FibreboardBox Contents:1 x SPACE Reflexion Filter1 x Stand Assembly1 x Reflexion Filter Manual Payment We Accept Confirmed PayPal Payment Only For All eBay Transactions. For More Information Please Contact Us Through eBay Messaging. Shipping Confirmed Shipping Addresses Only as Per eBay and PayPals Rules. Domestic Shipping: We Ship Via USPS or FedEx Monday Through Friday. International Shipping: We Ship Via USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail International 1 to 2 Days Per Week. We Do Not Collect or Charge International Customs TaxesFees. Please Check With Your Local Government For Rates Prior To Purchasing This Item. For More Information Please Contact Us Through eBay Messaging. Return Policy There Are No Returns Accepted For This Product. Terms Your Order Can Take Up To 2-Business Days To Be Processed and Shipped Out of Our Store. We Email Tracking After Every Shipment Via Email and eBay. _gsrx_vers_457 (GS 6.3.2 (457))

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