Vocal Booth - Post Audio Arf-42 Reflection Filter & Portable Vocal booth Free 2 Day Shipping

$ 45

Can also be used this way, depending on your mic stand set up. Isolating a guitar amp Post Audio ARF-42 The small but mighty Post Audio ARF-42 measures about 7 12 inches square. It is truly Post Audios Swiss Army filter. A couple of ARF-42s with your rig can cover almost any situation where you need basic isolation of a microphone. Use it on vocals, drums, guitars, woodwinds or any acoustic instrument. About Post AudioThere are other reflection filters on the market. Some are inexpensive and not so good and some others are good but crazy expensive. Post Audio hits the sweet spot with filters that do their job very well, are professional quality and are still reasonably priced. Thats probably why Post Audio is the largest distributor of reflection filters in the USA. *Includes the ARF-42 filter and mounting system. The mics and stands you see in these photos are not included in this listing. Here are some of the feedbacks we’ve received about the ARF-42 This thing obviously wont accomplish what the big units do, but for spot duty and home studio use, it performs very well. I use it for home studio vocal recording, and in combination with minor room treatments, this thing works great. I love the fact that it can just clamp on to the mic stand. Very cool. Also, The build quality is great. Very sturdy, while remaining very light. You should let people know this works really well on drum overheads to cut the reflections off the ceiling I got this for vocals but its working great on acoustic guitar. Great item, awesome seller! Recommended. Great product Top seller. Fast shipping. Extremely satisfied THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING SO QUICKLY. LOVE THE PRODUCT. Awesome seller! Even sent a thank you note! A+++++++ Great Seller!!! Super Fast Delivery, great item Ricevuto! all ok, thanks! Great product. Fast shipping. Returns are never a problem at Passport Audio. Send anything back for any reason, anytime in the first 2 weeks for a refund or replacement. If you ever need a replacement, well pay the shipping both ways. _gsrx_vers_625 (GS 6.9.7 (625))

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